How did it all begin?

We begin out glorious march to the hearts of our beloved players when out company Garmory Sp z o.o. was founded in 2009. After this fact, we started to call ourselves a small independent game development studio. After wandering about some taverns and inns, we have found in 2013 our proud and safe castle in great city of Katowice in Poland.

Our first major success was not to kill one another while creating a vast and complex world of Margonem MMORPG. This fantasy, dynamic, 2D, browser game turned up to be one of the most famous titles in Poland. After that, our designing team grows larger with graphical designers, game designers and programmers. Now full of new energy and large containers of coffee we charge to discover new worlds and possibilities.

We decided that boarders of our country are much too narrow for our imagination, so we are determined to open for international players’ community with our new projects.

Personally, we like to dwell in wooden hamlets surrounded by endless forest full of wild animals and foul monsters. When we throw in the corner our swords, we try to keep up with modern inventions like steam engines, gearboxes and spinning sprocket wheels. When finally we take apart all this complicated machines and we have no idea how put it together, we immerse in devastated, post-apocalyptic world to survive between infected population that changes into brute savages. At that point, we see all kinds of laser guns, exoskeletons and cybernetics implants very useful, so we take our flying cars for tour around Los Angeles Island and primeval jungle of New York.

We shall not perish!

Meet our team.