Set out into the primeval wilderness of 2D fantasy Margonem MMORPG. Discover the dark secrets of the past. Learn about the War of Sorcerers that rolled through this wretched land. Listen about mischief of warlocks’ illegal experiments that haunt the realm to this very day. Join us! Join the defenders of nine towns and say chaos’s servants loud: “ENOUGH!” Rove through the plains and forests fighting foul creatures, arm in arm with fellow players. Heal you wounds and buy new equipment in astonishingly vivid town full of inhabitants always willing to share a story or a stock for a small price. The adventures and the treasures don’t wait on those who stayed home! Come along and let us become heroes of the Margonem!

Language: English, Polish


Type: Fantasy

Players: >320000


Do you love animals? Are you worried about all these abandon and homeless poor things? Would you like to lend a hand in some kind of a special institution? Now, you have a great chance to prove yourself as a director of animal shelter in Petsbury town! Here, your granddad passed away leaving a large ranch and a last will. He wanted his farm to serve all the living creatures in Petsbury. That’s why you decided to build a shelter. Find all the homeless cats, dogs, rodents and wild animals! Cure and feed them, take care of them and find them new masters! Extend your shelter, get funds from town and business, buy advertisements in media about animals to adopt and pander the whims of inhabitants who come to your shelter! Show your own pets on forums, chat with other players and make group quests with your friends! Remember, the life of every creature is worth to save!

Language: Polish

Genre: Animals shelter simulator

Type: Cartoon

Players: Coming soon


Begin adventure in Realm of Steam! Immerse yourself in a world of steaming machines, rattle of gears and whirling of sprocket wheels. Ah, the age of industrial revolution! Here the masters of life and death are the captains of mighty zeppelins that fight and supply the cities in the most crucial necessities. Become a commander of an airship! Decide if you need a heavy armored, bristled with cannons cruiser or a swift and maneuverable scout ship. Fight with pirates, get rich, and upgrade your zeppelin! Face the enemy on your conditions, order your crew, put out the fires and assign the most important tasks. But remember, you’re the captain and in your hands lay the result of battle! Drop the moorings and let the southern winds carry you!

Language: English

Genre: Economy

Type: Steampunk

Players: Coming soon