From this year's PGA we came back victorious! We have received the Acanthus Aureus prize for the best stall as one of twelve companies that presented themselves during the trade fair.

Poznań Game Arena is coming! You can count on our presence!

Best wishes for you lads!

We meet tomorrow in Warsaw in Level Up club! Start – 19:00. All who reached maturity will have a possibility to taste our great potions!

We made it! Way more than fifty people declared so… we are meeting in Warsaw! Details will be available on our Margonem forums:

II MargonemCamp is coming closer and closer! This is the official poster of the event. :) We hope that you like it. Who wants some?

After MargonemCamp II, we got a lot of infromation that many of you would likethe next MargonemCamp to take place in August. Wheras it's not possible, we've got another proposition for you! In the last weekend of August we would like to organize a meeting in one of the Warsaw's clubs. There's one condition – we've got to collect at least 50 people. It's not many, so we are sure that there will be no problem with that! If everything will go well, it's possible that meetings like this will take place in all around Poland. If you want to book a place for yourself, you can do it on our forums:

Dear players! Since today you can follow us on Snapchat! Find out how Archmage is getting prepared for MargonemCamp II! Will he pick the form of transport from the film… hmm? Stay focused and follow his steps!


You may be surprised but today is the World Graphics Day :). Because of this occasion we'd like to thank our graphic artists for their everyday struggle with our wims. We wish them enormous amounts of patience and strength to fight our tastelessness :D.

Available now! According to our earlier announcement from April 1, 2016 you can buy tickets to II edition of MargonemCamp in Empik shops and on the website. It's not an April Fools joke!



Attention, attention! II edition of MargonemCamp will take place from July 9 to July 10, 2016 in Upper Silesian Ethnographic Park in Chorzów, Poland #cofirmed. You will be able to buy tickets from April 1, 2016 in the Empik shops all over Poland or using website. Until April 30, 2016 you can buy tickets in preorder for only 45 PLN :).


Our game Margonem has its 10th anniversary!!! It's one of the greatest browser games on the Polish market. During these years we've introduced plenty of changes and upgrades. Now we've prepared for you 3 days of hard party in Margonem's world. Thanks for being there for us!


Last year Open Days were a big success, that's why in this year we'd like to invite you to our office once again! Let's meet on February 24, 2016.
Your visit will be arrange as last year, it will last about hour. We'd like to meet you, talk about the game, your ideas and learn about your opinions. We prepared also a few surprises but hush-hush for now ;-) . All the information about Open Days you'll find in the Margonem's forum.


We'd like to invite all the Petsbury's fans to join alpha tests of mobile app (alpha version). Android distribution is available since a few days. Download and share your opinions about the game! You can't find it in Google Play yet, because of alpha test, but you can download it from here. All the details are available in the forums. You can post there your questions and experiences with the app.


People who visited our stand during Poznan Game Arena know that we had a tree. We don't know much about trees, but we're sure it was something coniferous (we dig it out from Ithan). Thanks for all your notes and signatures! It will be the coolest souvenir from this event! The tree is already in our office in Katowice! Well, almost, it's in front of the office, because it's too big to bring it inside. We failed to do that by means of teleportation and the building's administrator doesn't want to remove walls. Maybe you've got some ideas how to place it inside?


We've started counting down the hours to Poznan Game Arena! The first day of this event is generally for gamedev business, but in the last year even on Friday many of you visited our stand. You can find us in exhibition hall 8a! Don't worry, you won't be looking too long for Margonem, because this year we've got really big place in our pavilion. What are the attraction this year? Do you remember the famous Ithan evergreen tree? It will be on our stand along with Tommy, female adventurer from our posters, and Infernal Archmage himself! Gadget hunters will find something cool in our shop! Don't hesitate and visit us!


Dear Margonem players! Several days have passed since MargonemCamp! Now we can sum up all of our experiences! If you are curious how the event looked like, you can check it out here.


Only 5 days left to MargonemCamp! You'll find there many cool things to do. Learn sword fight from knights brotherhood, try a zip-line ride from castle's tower and burn down the medieval village! In the Chudów castle there will be a first official Margonem fans gathering! Weather forecasts are great, so don't take umbrellas with you! We just cannot wait to be there! Apparently many of our dear players too! Oh, one more thing, you can buy tickets in Empik stores or through until 12:00 on Friday (CET). However, if you don't manage to do that, the tickets will be available at the main gate during the event.


We're pleased to inform you that we became partners of a really interesting venture! Museum of Video Games is created in Warsaw, Poland and it will be a modern establishment with interactive exhibits. They will tell about history of extremely fascinating and rapidly developing computer games industry. It will be a meeting place that will settle as one of the most active culture centers in Warsaw. It will be a spot where enthusiast of games can spend time with people that want to get familiar with electronic entertainment. We'd like to invite everyone already!


We are proud to announce all and sundry that you may now buy tickets to MargonemCamp!!! We invite all the interested fans to visit or Empik shops. We'd like to remind you that until the end of May there's a preorder and the tickets are in lower prices so hurry up! If you'd like to share your views, experiences and game's visions - come to Chudów! We arranged many attractions that will be available without any limits! Brotherhood of Knights will add splendor to the event showing its artistry. Expect contests with cool rewards :). In the evening we will make campfires to spend time in a truly medieval style.


We are taking care about all the technical matters to start selling tickets to MargonemCamp in Empik chain and in the second half of this week. It will be the 1st Polish Jamboree of Margonem's Fans. Until the end of May you may preorder tickets for only 35 PLN.


Games industry conference Digital Dragons will be held in Stara Zajezdnia and Museum of Municipal Engineering from 21 to 22 May 2015 in Kraków, Poland. Garmory is one of the sponsors of this event and we cannot wait to be there. In last year's edition we presented you Petsbury. This year you'll have an opportunity to get familiar with - a social portal for gamers.


Now we can check Pyrkon as already visited from the list of events planned for this year. Poznań International Fair was invaded by over 31 thousand fantasy and science-fictions fans. Our Garmory Fellowship of the Ring was among them. We'd like to thank all the people who came to our stand! We congratulate the winners of our contests! See you next year!


Now we can reveal when and where you will have an opportunity to meet us again! At first it will be Pyrkon (24-26.04.2015) in Poznan, Poland, one of the greatest fantasy convention in whole Europe! A month later we will teleport ourselves to a gamedev conference - Digital Dragons (21-22.05.2015), Cracow, Poland. We will end the year with Poznan Game Arena (16-18.10.2015), where we had so much great time with you last year. If you can't make it; we organize 1st Coutrywide Margonem's Fans Jamboree! Expect it in July. Summer and holidays are the best for adventures, right? See you there!


We've got real Margonem's fans Christmas that's why we'd like to wish you: all the gold your heart desire, pockets full of Draconite, infinite fatigue, exclusive VIP elite II monsters, and heroes on every corner. We don't forget about Petsbury too! We'd like that all homeless animals find sanctuary in your animal shelter, no pets in the streets, many combo boosters in mini games, and all that your huge, golden hearts wish for! Merry Christmas every one!


Forecast of the weather-men was surprisingly precise and tonight we have an opportunity to experience first snow. This atmospheric phenomenon enabled Santa Claus to reach the doorstep of our company. He wasn't expected here at all, because good behavior isn't our strong side. We can keep it just for a short moment. However, even that was appreciated. He appeared a little bit late at our place, but we haven't minded it. Because of that we wasn't forced to sing carols and recite poems. Santa nonchalantly gave us presents and disappeared in Thinker's closet. No, no, we haven't put him there; he went inside out of his own free will and without any resistance. We've bolted the door and we will keep him there until next Christmas in case he would forget our address ;).


Under cover of darkness the Garmory team has come back to its stronghold in Katowice. The night was pitch black and probably no one was astonished by the fact that from cars disembarked half asleep men and women with smudged make-up. Lurking in darkness like zombies, they went to their lairs just to come back in the morning. They weary faces didn't disguise their satisfaction while they were sitting in front of the computers. In short that's how look like our comeback from Poznan Game Arena. We are really surprised by the crowd that visited our stand, one of the best in the indie exhibition hall. During 3 days we were conducting Margonem knowledge contest, in which 200 players have achieved 100% of correct answers and received rewards in the game. We'd like to thank you for you presence, kind words, gestures and... some constructive criticism. We put a lot of effort in this fair, but it wasn't in vain. It was really great to meet you! See you soon... wherever we meet again!


In a week time you will find us on Poznan Game Arena. There will be an opportunity to meet us in exhibition hall 7 of Poznan International Fair. Come and see for yourselves! We have prepared for you Margonem in a brand new version with a HD graphic interface and 3D animation with your favorite game's gameplay. Of course, you can get extra gadgets concerning Margonem and even original Margonem's fudges. We have got an impressive stand, cool gadget and some, we hope, interesting people. It will be so much fun! We invite you to visit Garmory's stand. Come, see, play and tell us what you think. We will wait for you for whole 3 days!


You can meet us at the Digital Dragons conference between 8 and 9 of May. The conference takes place in Old Depot in Cracow. Probably the most colorful and cheerful stand will belong to Petsbury! I’m sure you’ll easily find us there! Creators of the project will gladly tell you about tips and tricks concerning making games. They will answer all your questions and give you many different gadgets! See you soon in Cracow!


It’s amazing that a second games magazine has written about Margonem! Since third or March you can buy the newest, freshest PC Format! Inside you will find a great article about your favorite game. Many questions will be answered, you can also widen your knowledge in case of games mechanics and why you love Margonem so much (<3)! Moreover, on the DVD attached to the monthly you’ll find a special code that can be exchange in the game for cool stuff. You can get Dragon Tears, unique outfits, voluminous bags, and talismans that will revive you much faster after a defeat. There are two sets of items, so everyone will find something suitable. Buy, read and receive bonuses!


Oh, our brothers in arms of virtual conquers! Thanks to effort and toil, two our children were brought into daylight, economic, steampunk game - Ream of Steam, and an animal shelter simulator – Petsbury! You can learn more about these productions in “Games” tab. First players have already taken part in closed tests! Thanks to their invaluable help, the gameplay is currently adjusted and new elements are added, suggested mainly by our users! Soon you will be able to help us too, and together we will create two, perfect games! Look at our Facebook profiles - Realm of Steam and Petsbury, you can find there freshest news, screenshots from games and testers recruitment!


Today you may read what journalists of Polish CD Action magazine think about your favorite game – Margonem! Inside magazine, you will find screen shots, maybe there’s your character too! However, that’s not everything! We’ve got even more! In every magazine, there’s a special code, which can be used in Margonem! You can choose between two sets, for newcomers or old stagers! Aside from unavailable in the shops items, you can get gold, bonuses for Draconite and unique outfits prepared specially for this occasion! Every set contains also 20 Draconite crystals! Have fun! *The promotional codes concern only players from


We are gaining momentum and conquering hearts of new followers! Today we would like to show our newest game that we are working on. It’s something completely different! We have been famous for fantasy and fighting so far. This time we offer an animal shelter! Every director of such institution will search for homeless animals, buy food, cure and take care of them, and most of all – look for new masters! We plan really cute pets, extending shelter, upgrading buildings, quest (and group quests) and a handful of mini games! We hope we will hit your liking! Await beta release this winter!


Since some time on the main page is announced our new project – Realm of Steam. It is a strategic game taking place in a steampunk world. The game combines economics with real time battles. You will have to choose your crew, take care about your men, upgrade the ship, its armor and balloon, when you decide to become an airship owner. The planning of cruiser’s inner space will be crucial. Await our next news! They will appear soon, because the game should be ready until the end of 2013!


If you live near Katowice (Poland) and you know Polish, you can apply as programmer to our company. Check the Jobs tab.


We are proudly presenting to you our new website. We've decided to gather all information about our projects in one place, to make it easier to see, what we are doing currently. Today we encourage you to see our latest game, still in production phase, Realm of Steam. Stay tuned for new updates.



Ho! Ho! Ho! It's Christmas time in Margonem - the most wonderful time of the year! We've prepared a lot of attractions and activities for you. Visit the new snowy location full of quests, fight the mighty event Heroes and the new Colossus, and collect dozens of new items. Moreover, we strongly encourage yo (...)
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Are you ready for this year's spooky masquerade? We definitely are! Join us to discover the story of Grauhaz the Usurer, fight Skeletal Heroes and Mighty Colossi, and spend some currency at our Halloween vendors - Edgar, Allan and Poe, who wait for you in pumpkinesque Verbin! And... If you consider yourself a collector, (...)
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You can use your IV MargonemCamp codes on All you have to do is submit a new ticket with a link to your account attached.
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Experimental World recruitment has just started! Please submit your applications via the Support Panel (read the rules before [b][url=,2657,1]here[/url][/b]). Good luck!
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Hello everyone! We're trying our best to make the game better and tailor it to your needs. Therefore, your feedback is very important to us. I would like to ask you a couple of questions about the form of the past two events - Grand Hunt and Creative Challenge. All answers will be anal (...)
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Have you heard of Dim? If not, he's the brother of the well-known Rim. He came to Margonem a while ago and tries to follow in his brother's footsteps. How? You'll be able to check it out yourselves in a brand-new quest series! The newcomer resides in Ithan... [b][url=http: (...)
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